PSYCHIC PIZZA: A 2020 Case Study in Social Distanced Food Delivery



In my solution, the design idea of Psychic Pizza shop should mainly focus on the word “PSYCHIC”. Then I found that the word “Psychic” is derived from the Greek word “Psychikos”, It means “of the mind” or “mental”, it also symbolizes “telepathy” or “clairvoyance”.

Based on my research, I started some of my design ideas. My design is mainly around the combination of pizza and eyes, implying the ability to see through customers’ psychology.

After creating several design sketches, I chose the one in the bottom right corner. I chose it because I realized that what I wanted to create was a simple, mysterious and ancient logo. The logo in the bottom right corner just meets my requirements.

After I selected the logo scheme, I added the color version to the logo. I chose two similar colors of red as the color of the logo. And with a deeper color of red to highlight the word “PSYCHIC”, because the whole design is designed around the word psychic.

Last, I added a parchment background to the final version of my logo to better highlight the old and mysterious style I wanted.


In terms of app and menu, I used a lot of animation transitions to improve the user experience, and created the “MYSTERY BOX” function with random extraction mechanism. The biggest highlight of this app is the unique psychological ability of our brand, which is called “PSYCHIC GUESSES”. It can guess what the customer wants by asking random questions.


The bottom part of the pizza box also is designed as a Ouija board, which provides a certain degree of playability for customers.



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